she has been a fighter since birth

protested, pushed, persevered

she has been doused again and again
trampled by the ones she threatens the most

a small spark still remains—
rekindled and carried by her Sisters until she can ignite again, each time burning bigger and brighter

she has endured time and suffering; she has celebrated and grieved

now here she stands, a Woman far altered from her original, shaped by her experience and her society

she is what her Sisters require; she is what her enemies fear

if you listen, she is beckoning— come and join her, she is open to any and all

yet her fiery soul is too often misunderstood

“what is the point?”
“why is she here?”
“what can she do?”

misinterpreted, mistreated, misused

that is the ultimate weapon against her—

if we do not defend her
her fire will turn to ash

she will be lost,

and so will we.