bbbbbbI’ve taken trips on mushroom ships
bbbbbbAcross the muddy River Styx
bbbbbbInto the marshmallow abyss,
But I’ve never done cocaine.

bbbbbbI’ve had a drop or three and died
bbbbbbOn lysergic diethlamyde
bbbbbbAnd stared into the chasm wide,
But I’ve never done cocaine.

bbbbbbThe purple owls beat their wings
bbbbbbUntil the serotonin stings
bbbbbbAnd Jesus cries while Buddha sings,
But I’ve never done cocaine.

bbbbbbA lone orgasm in the brain
bbbbbbShortly followed by the pain
bbbbbbOf dopamine circling the drain—
Who needs to do cocaine?

bbbbbbAfter all, of all the drugs
bbbbbbThere’s none more potent than the hugs
bbbbbbAnd kisses of my angel-bug
So keep the powder for your head
I’ll do Rosemary Blaine instead
bbbbbbShe’s better than the best cocaine
bbbbbbbbbbbbAnd meaner than the best cocaine
bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbI don’t need any more cocaine
bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbDid someone say “more cocaine?”